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The window of the leadership
The general manager:Hu Xiaoyin
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The general manager
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qNews and information
·【Good deeds】Officer chih-cheng wang brave firefighting2019.06.23
·【香溢梅溪文化月】Close neighbors,The Mid-Autumn festival,Celebrate National Day,Mid-Autumn evening party2018.10.24
·Gather guang-dong sun county magistrate to inspect our company service courtyard community civilization create work2016.08.26
·Ann day cannes elevator emergency rescue drills2016.03.31
·Company service work summary to mark the 10th anniversary of the NPC is held2016.02.03
·Our company signed with wealth xin city《Property consultant service contract》,Will provide the high quality for the project..2015.12.17
qService project
1Intellectual property tips
qThe dynamic of the industry
·2018China property company 2018In the..
·The repeal of housing urban and rural development《The realty service enterprise..
·Building energy efficiency Energy conservation and emissions reduction“The new”Field
·Residents from the pipe will do old residential property
qLaws and regulations
·Shop along doesn't pay the management fee
·Property management of common disputes and legal analysis
·Property services can neglect the owners refused to pay property management fees
·Case:Housing leakage losses,How to compensate..
1Contact us
The general manager:Hu Xiaoyin 13865336698
Deputy general manager:Wan Yun 15956352850
Yuan Hong:13515631462
Administrative manager and director of ningguo area:
Li Shuxuan 15357521360
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